Anthony Lopez
Director Comercial
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A
Telefono: 0050769603880

Ing. Mario Castro
Director Senior y Presidente
Telefono: 00584122014400

Ing. Krupskaia Peche
DIrector de Proyectos
Caracas, Venezuela
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.

Tahis Aguirregomezcorta
Oficial Geder-Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A. Santo Domingo,Republica Dominica.
Telefono: 0018292842928

Arturo Arena
Director General
Energy Electrical Integrator Corp.
Telefono: 00584143271182

María Fernanda Sucre
Asistente a la Presidencia
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.
Telefono: 005073945768

Francisco Gonzalez
Asesor y Preparador.
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.

Fabio Cucurullo
Director Panamá
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.
Telefono: 0050767477634

Marlene Maseda
Coordinadora de proyectos.
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.

Jonathan Ascanio
Supervisor de Desarrollos e Instalaciones
Conexsol Latinoamerica S.A.
Telefono: 00584143186922

Conexsol Latin America SA and its partners combine the activities of a great engineering and a great installer, the profile of your product, and industrial processes. Seeking continuous improvement, developing a monitoring and control system that improves the production facilities, both by the increase in overall performance as support preventive and corrective maintenance.

Monitoring of the energy generated:

• Performance Analysis.
• Actual Production.
• Hours Sun equivalents
• Production per investor
• Performance Ratio (PR)
• Reading of active and reactive power.
• Identification of loss of power.
• Modeling the behavior of the plant.


• Total guarantee of 5 years of installation work and other materials installed by Conexsol Latin America SA, according to maintenance contract
• Designing and implementing LED lighting systems
• Call Center

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