Conexsol Latin America, S.A, GEDER, dominican business group, SCSM S.A and Arturo Arena & associates join to develop on the the Latin American market and the Caribbean, an innovative proposal of renewable energy.

Conexsol Latin America, S.A, is born as a business, with his strategic partners to encourage and promote investments in renewable energy, specially the solar energy.
It’s directed by Anthony López.

SCSM, S.A consulting and advice business that provides with an integral platform of services and development, operation and marketing to the Latin American Centers.
It is directed by the Engineer Mario Castro, its President.

Electrical Energy Integrators Inc., EEI, is an engineering company established for over six years, providing solutions in power projects for the heavy and light industry, as well as for commercial and residential real estate. Its services include design, supply, installation, commissioning and after sales service, under international standards and specifications required by the customer. ISS is led by Mr.

Conexsol Latin America SA and its partners combine the activities of a great engineering and a great installer, the profile of your product, and industrial processes. Seeking continuous improvement, developing a monitoring and control system that improves the production facilities, both by the increase in overall performance as support preventive and corrective maintenance.

Monitoring of the energy generated:

• Performance Analysis.
• Actual Production.
• Hours Sun equivalents
• Production per investor
• Performance Ratio (PR)
• Reading of active and reactive power.
• Identification of loss of power.
• Modeling the behavior of the plant.


• Total guarantee of 5 years of installation work and other materials installed by Conexsol Latin America SA, according to maintenance contract
• Designing and implementing LED lighting systems
• Call Center

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