Passive Solar Energy

Passive Solar Energy and Bioclimatic: applications in ecological houses. Advantages. Heating and Cooling. Structural elements: Trombe wall, collectors and accumulators.

Passive solar energy is to use the direct input of solar radiation. Applied in the case of a home-which is what interests us today, involves a special architectural design to maximize energy efficiency. The most important are: double facade, facing south and glass surfaces, among others. Through it we can get lighting and heating in a sustainable manner and generating significant energy savings.

The bioclimatic passive solar energy uses no mechanical parts for production extras (such as solar panels could be), but is based on the design, construction materials, and the exploitation of natural resources (solar, wind).

Some of the basic elements of passive solar energy collection are:
* Glazing are used and / or walls collectors specifically targeted (to the south, if we are in the northern hemisphere) to capture solar energy for greenhouse heat is retained.
* Are made insulation for heat conservation in the north-facing wall.
* The heat from the walls and ceiling forms a thermal mass, whose energy is stored and transferred into the housing.
* Cooling is handled by avoiding heat gain that is used with spoilers, blinds and shutters. Another method is to extract heat at night
* Natural lighting is built with reflective panels that send the light inside. The paintings clearly help to better utilize the brightness obtained with passive solar energy.

In our next article we will see in greater detail some key elements of a passive solar home:
The structural elements: The Trombe wall, collectors, accumulators

Source:, Based on a paper by Rosa Maria Herrera, "Smart Homes vs. green homes."

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