Avangard Conexsol present at the Cancun Summit

Avangard Conexsol present at the Cancun Summit Stay up to date on energy, Avangard Conexsol could not miss the sixteenth summit of the Organization of United Nations on climate change, to be held from 05 to 08 December in Cancun, Mexico.

The alteration of the natural order of the planet caused by man, is the direct result of sustained consumption of fossil fuels useful for industry, trade and transportation, among other human activities, as well as an unsustainable global economic system built from an unequal access and control the limited resources of the planet and the benefits arising from their use. Aware of this power and responsibility, Avangard Conexsol wants to be part of the solution as an active witness and communication of the various activities that dominate the agenda of this Summit, which seeks to unify and review government policies and actions to address global global warming and to stimulate business and meeting spaces, entertainment and exchange of experiences and lessons for the determination of specific solutions to environmental challenges facing the planet.

Very soon we will share with you the most relevant and interesting about this power experiencia.Como technical consulting for all Latin America, Conexsol Group reiterates its commitment to the environment and the development and implementation of clean energy sources and self-sustaining. The future is in our hands. CoNEXT green.

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