Quality is a vital factor at the time of installing a PV system, because it should function in a reliable way for 25 years.

The first goal is “quality”, and we do everything in our hands to guarantee it.

Conexsol acquires all its components from manufacturers that have proven excellence and defines other strict specifications that these products should satisfy.

Discover how the light from the sun transforms in electricity for its use.

We select only the best products for our clients and projects. We use exclusively the best existing technology, ensuring you that a solar project build with products supplied by CONEXSOL, will always have the highest standards in quality.

The PV process transforms the solar light in solar energy by the solar modules. On this process the material used is the siliceous, to build the solar cells that form part of the module and that generate the electricity when they are exposed to the sun.

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The inverters transform the continuous current generated by the solar modules in AC current that is used to feed the electric devices.

As a system provider, CONEXSOL can supply you with all the necessary components for the PV installation.

-The profile and the structure for the project.

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