To us, operation and manteinance are a fundamental part of our proposal. We understand that to maximize our installation performance its primordial and optimal design, as a complete manteinance service and fast response.

Investments and renewable energy financial study.

-Technique viability study. We validate every aspect of the technical design and, this way, we ensure and optimal installation.

-Monitoring system.
A highly robust and versatile system that allows to control every incidence of the plant at every moment.


-Security stock
We keep a rehearing stock for fast response.

-Investment advice
So we can guarantee the profitability of solar energy.

-Local presence in each of the countries where we operate.
To provide efficient service management in all areas involved.


ConectaVerde shows the client a commitment to the field that affects us all, the environment.

Concern for the environment becomes the glue that binds the customer to the company, which is the making a contribution to maintenance.

This message is influencing the image to the client, humanizing the corporation and gain sympathy.

The corporation that invests in Conexsol Latin America, S.A shows its contribution to solving global warming.


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