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2900 SW 35th Ave, Miami, FL 33133, USA

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Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 2900 SW 35th Ave, Miami, FL 33133, USA
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Opting for solar panels in Miami brings notable savings, enhances your home’s worth, and supports a cleaner way of living. Embrace self-sufficiency, benefit from tax incentives, and leverage Florida’s generous sun for optimal returns. It’s a wise, eco-friendly investment for any residence. Embrace Florida's solar revolution with Solar Panels Miami. As the state shines in solar energy growth, powering over 1.5 million homes, we offer top-notch solar installations. Benefit from decreasing costs, substantial savings, and support a greener future. Join Florida's sustainable journey, where solar is not just energy—it's a lifestyle. makes solar accessible with flexible financing options for every Miami homeowner. Benefit from $0 down, affordable loan terms, and tax-deductible opportunities, all without the need for property liens. Embrace Miami's sunshine with ease and start saving on energy. Choosing us brings expert installers, reliable service, and top customer support. Get local, customized solar arrays with the latest inverters, designed to save on residential energy costs. Trust in our commitment to providing seamless installing experiences tailored to your needs. Our push for solar power in Miami is creating jobs and fostering sustainability, greatly benefiting the local community. This initiative introduces new utility solutions like advanced inverters and battery systems, making solar installation by expert installers easier in various areas. Tap into Miami’s sun with our advanced solar panels, optimized for Miami Dade’s unique climate. Move toward a green future with our leading solar technology, ensuring significant savings and independence. The Team proudly contributed to the solar project at Miami Airport, demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable, vibrant Miami, FL. Our systems install effortlessly, employing photovoltaic cells that generate electricity, minimize emissions, and safeguard the environment. Leverage our complimentary, tailor-made, risk-free assessment for your Miami residence or business with Solar Panels Miami. Discover the solar possibilities for your property, ensuring you make the most informed decision, with absolutely no obligations., extending to Broward County, provides eco-friendly solar shingles and Solar Roof options. Expert in thin film/flexible solutions and roofing, we offer a cost-effective, reliable path to solar, enhancing environmental impact and economic benefits. Miami-Dade County mandates electronic submission for solar PV system permits, facilitating a faster, concurrent review process by multiple departments. Requirements include a Building Permit Application, Electrical Fee Sheet, and electronic plans meeting specific guidelines. Solar, wind, and renewable energy projects may qualify for Green Building Expedited Review. For installations, pre-approved flashing details are recommended for reduced fees SolarPanelsMiami stands out with expert installations, personalized solutions, and robust support for sustainability. Our commitment to quality, coupled with exceptional customer service and competitive financing options, makes us a top choice for solar energy in Miami. The average cost of solar panel installation in Miami, FL, is approximately $2.61 per watt. For a typical 5 kW solar system, this translates to an average cost of $12,983 before incentives. With the federal tax credit, this price can be significantly reduced, making solar panels a cost-effective choice for homeowners in Miami. provides hassle free solar solutions, perfectly suited for Miami-Dade and Broward’s diverse weather. With extensive warranties and a solid maintenance package, we guarantee lasting performance and resilience. Our service encompasses thorough checks and efficiency evaluations, securing your investment’s enduring performance and maximum energy production. Miami residents considering solar installation can tap into various rebates and incentives. These include a 30% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, property and sales tax exemptions, PACE financing options for upfront costs, and net metering benefits. Our dedication to Miami’s sustainability vision is profound. Recognizing Miami’s shift towards renewable energy, plays a vital role in this transformation. Additionally, our team members have proudly contributed to the development of the Solar Farm near Miami International Airport, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable future for the city. Joining taps into a decade of solar excellence with Enphase IQ8 Microinverters and SolEdge inverters, slashing bills and emissions. We promise smooth grid connection and carefree maintenance. Our service amplifies your savings and eco-footprint, backed by Florida’s solar incentives. For a personalized quote and how you benefit, get in touch.

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David Contreras
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Great customer service and very knowledgeable about solar. I definitely recommend reaching out if you’re interested in finding out how to save hundreds on your electric bill. Thank you!
Thursday 7th March 2024