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How Much Do We Charge for Residential Solar Installation in Miami?

The cost of one of our residential solar installations in Miami can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the system, the type of solar panels used, and the specific characteristics of your Florida home.

However, we’ve made it this far by always providing competitive pricing and transparent cost breakdowns to ensure you understand where your investment is going. We feel that this is a key part of our success!

“How could I install Solar in Miami and not call Strive Solar first?”

How much is a solar system for the average 2000 sq ft house in Miami Florida?

The average cost of a solar panel system in the US is between $2.51 and $3.31 per watt before incentives. In Miami specifically, you should be prepared to invest between $15,000 and $25,000 for a typical solar panel system. The size of your home, local electricity costs, and financing options will of course determine your final up-front and ongoing costs.

It’s important to chat with us and review the different financial options available in Miami that can be leveraged for your solar installation, including outright purchasing, loans, leasing, or power purchase agreements. In the US, there may also be federal, state, and local incentives that can help reduce the cost of the panels. Strive Solar provides transparent pricing, breaking down all associated costs, and their financial advisors are available to help you navigate financing options and government incentives.

How Much Money Can You Save With Solar Panels?

If your system is robust enough to entirely cover your energy usage, you could see savings of up to $1,500 a year.  The average household in the U.S. spends about $125 a month on an energy bill and Miami and Miami-Dade county are actually pretty similar to this. Given that solar panels usually last for 25 to 30 years before losing efficiency, you could easily save $25,500 to $33,000 on electricity during the life of your system.

For more information, we urge all homeowners to read our comprehensive guides on the following:

Or just call us and our team will be happy to guide you through these options and help you choose the one that best fits your financial situation and energy goals.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Yes, solar panels are worth it! With Strive Solar, the up-front cost of solar panel installation doesn’t have to be a deterrent, because we offer no upfront cost as well as free financing and you can start leveraging solar power without a significant initial investment.

The payback period is faster than you think and you start saving on your electric bill from day one. In fact, many of our customers have reduced their energy bills to virtually zero!

How long until solar pays for itself?

Solar can increase your property value, and can even provide a reliable return on investment (ROI). The average solar panel system in the US pays for itself in just seven to eight years, and with solar panels lasting 25-30 years, this means you’ll enjoy free electricity for many years after your system has paid for itself.

There’s never been a better time to go solar. Call us today at (305) 543-1360 to discuss how you can make the switch and start reaping the benefits.

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Brian Hong
5 Star
Embarking on our solar journey with this Miami-based solar team was an enlightening experience. They broke down complex technical details into understandable insights, discussing the financial and environmental benefits in depth. Since the solar panels were installed, we've seen a dramatic decrease in our energy bills, proving it's both an economically and ecologically sound investment!
Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Chris Labbate
5 Star
Strive Solar were easy to work with and gave us a solar system that fit our needs and budget. We received several quotes and theirs was the most comprehensive and they delivered a great solar solution for our needs as well. We're really happy with the service and final installation on our roof!
Tuesday 23rd April 2024